Building swiftlet house:

Building swiftlet house is one of the first tasks to be carried out when you start bird nest business. Hereafter, we will introduce the things which need to be noticed when you build the swiftlet house.


1. Location:

- Make survey to know the bird’s density on the region that you intend to build the bird house. On average, over 05 pairs are enough to build a house.

- Need to consider the habitats of that area as well. If the location is near the sea, lakes, swamps or forests and has temperate climate, it is promising to have abundant food resources, which may lead to high productivity later on.

- Avoid building a bird house at the location that there are too many bird farms already since that may raise the cost and risk as well.


2. Area:

Depend on the ability of investor. The minimum area is 100m2 (5m horizontal, 10m long).

Ideal area: 8m x 20m,  2-storey house


3. The basic ky-thuat-nuoi-yen elements on building the house:


- Two layer wall, cross ventilation, roof with buffer layer to ensure temperature and humidity for a long process.

- Waterproofing and good drainage floor (important). There are some ways to enforce the nest and save money such as using nets, nylon, etc.

- Pool inside the farm (on ground floor) to maintain temperature, humidity stability, and support moisturizing system.

- Average height of each floor: 3m to 3.5 m.

- Smoothly curved nest to ensure bird’s wingspan. Minimum area: ​​20m2. Minimum height from the roof: 2m. Ventilation and temperature insulation set up.


The fitting of the swiftlet farm consists of 4 basic parts:

Timber system for nest frame:

- Since birds themselves make the nest, the timber as nest frame plays a very important role. Timber should be attached directly to the farm’s ceiling: 30 x 90cm, 40 x100cm; 40 x 120cm.

- Note: Only use dried and dedicated wood. Make wood into grooves for birds to cling on. The wood is 15 - 20cm wide, 2cm thick. The length of the wood pieces (90,100,120) must be placed perpendicular to the direction the bird nest (parallel to the hole).

- Fitting of timber must be perpendicular and steady. Ceilings are closed.


Sound system:

- Speaker at the house’s corner: Use dedicated speaker (quartz substrate). Wire and install speaker strictly basing on the detailed ky-thuat-nuoi-yen design. 30 speakers in 100m2 on average. Hifi-standard wiring. 

- Attracting speaker: Use the dedicated speaker with the higher volume than that of corner speaker. Set up in the floor and room transitional position to focus birds to corner speakers.

- Speaker on the entrance hole: Use special speaker with high volume. Set up speaker in the center of entrance hole (to attract birds). Get speaker support on two sides.

- Speaker on roof: Use high-volume speakers to attract the birds from the far. Use the long speaker to amplify the sound. Use speaker which is made of plastic or cast iron with water resistant and good quartz substrate. Place speaker on top of the roof at inclination angle to make better amplification and noise reduction.

- Amplifier: Use separate amplifiers for each speaker system. It is suggested to use Malaysia Amplifier with USB reader, memory card as Denn, Nikodo, Nippon, etc. Adjust the volume of each system to appropriate with its function. Descend the sound from speaker on roof to speaker at the house’s corner.

- Bird sound: Inside, outside and on-hole sound (On-hole sound is turned on when birds are attracted to the bird house but not get in or get out frequently)


Moisturizing system: including indoor and outdoor humidifier


Indoor: Use water nebulizer or Malaysian dedicated nebulizer system to maintain the stable humidity. Avoid spray onto the wooden stuff.  Do not spray too much. Base on the climate and geographical features to set the hour automatic spray or automatic spray.


Outdoor: Set up roof cooling system for bird’s bath in hot days. Use nebulizer to create mist, lower temperature and raise humidity for the air around the roof, helping birds feel comfortable. Time to moisturize regularly: 12:00 - 17:30

- Pool or lake outside the house and water tank inside the house to support moisturizing system (avoid watering upstairs).

- Make a moat around the house to prevent ants, cockroaches and rats and provide a cool air flow for ventilation.


Chemical system to attract birds: including 2 types:

- Ordoration Chemical: To de-smell cement bricks, the smell of wood ... To create the smell of bird herd and an atmosphere as there are hundreds of pairs of birds in the house. Usually combine 4 types: KW3, PW, flavored powder (white) and guano. 

- Chemical substances (hormones; pheromone): To stimulate the salivary glands, create excitement scent for bird to stay. Use when birds are attracted to the house but refuse to stay for long.


The other supporting factors:

The Timer: Automatic operating system for bird house.

Owl resistance Light: Owl traps: to prevent predatory birds from flying into the nest.

Water filter: Anti alum, create clean water for moisturizing system to work well.

Camera and Recorder: Help monitor the nest from a distance and avoid disturbing the birds in the first survey of the nest.

Power Reserve: Use car battery combine with automatic reversing inverter system to maintain sound operation in power cut-off time.

Fake nest: Set up the speaker inside the house to attract bird and baby bird not to leave.


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