Dedicated swiftlet house


If you want to build the bird house successfully with highest productivity and lowest investment costs but you do not what to do and how to start up, do not hesitate to contact Mr.Thanh 0916146805 of Tam Cao Viet Company. We give advice on building bird house at low cost but still meet all your requirements. Currently, there are many bird house design models (house renovated into the swift, flat building, multi - storey buildings, 20cm wall, 10cm wall, permanent concrete, against-heat corrugated roof, etc.)


Depending on the economy and climate condition of each region, we will build different swiftlet houses to save the costs while still ensuring the full range of ky-thuat-nuoi-yen factors (temperature, sound, light, humidity, etc.)

Bird house building is committed to be over 90% successful if the technique is followed properly.

 Conversely, improper construction techniques will certainly result in the complete failure.

Services offered by our company:

1. BIRD NEST TRIAL 1.000.000 VND / 1 day.

- Travel expense is covered by customer. Bird trial fee will be refunded if customers sign the contract of full package technology.

- Customer will be consulted on the bird breeding, profit, risk, etc. and be answered any question on bird raising business.

- With our many year experience in this industry, customers will receive the most useful advice on the location that you intend to build bird house, the construction area, the cost of investment, the size of large small house, etc. We ensure that every dollar of capital you spend will be utilized the most.



Price: 700,000 VND / 1m2. (Area less than 100m2 is counted as 100m2). Please contact Mr. Thanh - 0916 146 805

- With our many-year experience in the business, we get bird nest installation at affordable prices, with the latest equipment and with technology from Malaysia and Vietnam.

- You will be advised to renovate old tam-cao-viets or build new house to maximize all the conditions such as coolness, darkness, dampness, etc.

- The bird house will be fitted in full options:

+ Accommodation System

+ Moisturizing Systems

+ Sound System

+ Synchronous Odor System

+ Auto-Operating system

+ ...

- After the swiftlet is put into operation, you will always be updated with the latest sound, and the latest information on bird house building technology



Price: 14 million VND / 100m2

- Customers themselves buy the equipment and we provide installation tu-van-thiet-ke-xay-dung-nha-yens upon request (since but customers lack the technician on the swiftlet house installation)

- All our employees of installation techniques are skilled and experienced.

- We are committed to install properly of the latest technology with most efficiency. We follow the installation requirements of customers.



- Our company provides the prevalent and most effective equipment. We continuously update with the latest technology fromThailand,Malaysia,IndonesiaandVietnam.

-When buying equipment, customers will get advice on how to install most efficiently as well as get updated information on swiftlet.

- If you have already started up the business but the installation is not complete, feel free to contact Tam Cao Viet Company to get the most effective procedure on building bird nest.


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If you are truly interested, please contact us for a free consultation and get the best price for switflet house building.


Contact: Tam Cao Viet bird house building company

Address: 26 Block B, Nguyen Van Luong, Ward 10, Go Vap District, HCM city.

Tel: 08.6252 4947 – 0916 146 805 Mr. Thanh